Special Events


Cedar Creek Grist Mill
Special Events Calendar 2015



  • May 30th Bread and Butter Day.
    You'll be churning rich fresh cream into butter & spreading it on fresh made bread.
  • June 27th - Strawberry Shortcake Day
    Whole Wheat Shortcake topped with ripe strawberries, need we say more?
  • July 25th - Blueberry Pancake Day
    Blueberry Pancakes smothered in fresh blueberries and drowned in blueberry syrup.
  • August 29th - Treat Day
    Whole Wheat never tasted so good! Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Scones, even dog biscuits can show up today. Always new, always great.
  • September 26th - Cornbread Day
    You think you know cornbread? Today you'll see cornbread made with fruit jam, hot peppers, bacon, cheese, herbs, and you choose the best.
  • Oct 31st Apple Cider Pressing
    Celebrate Halloween while we press 8,000 pounds of apples into the best drink on planet Earth. Bring your little goblins and we'll put them to work on hand cranked presses.


All events are held the last Saturday of the month from May to September. Hours are 1 pm to 4 pm.
Please be polite when parking at the Mill. We have elderly guests who may need extra time or space at the Mill entrance.

For more information call 360-225-5832.