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The Cedar Creek Grist Mill restoration project would have been considered extensive even using today's modern tools and processes. Using "traditional" methods of the times makes it a phenomenal process.

The photo to the left shows the Mill prior to restoration with the Cedar Shake Shed.

Below you can learn more about the entire restoration process.

Photos of the restoration process:
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cedar_shake_shed_flood_decking.jpg (216341 bytes) Cedar shed floor decking. floor_decking_over_the_flume.jpg (100786 bytes) Restoration of floor decking over flume hand_hewed_timbers_for_shed_reconstruction.jpg (116556 bytes) Restoration with hand hewed timbers for shed.

hand_working_timbers.jpg (120314 bytes) Hand working of timbers with large chisel. hand_working-timbers_for_cedar_shed.jpg (83566 bytes) Hand working timbers with hand saw. mortise_and_tenon_to_form _joint.jpg (102237 bytes) Mortise and tenon to form joint.

period_tool_used_in_timber_framing.jpg (136046 bytes) Period tool used for timber framing. Completed shed.jpg (28933 bytes) Comparison to shed before mill restoration. the interior posts are installed.jpg (21722 bytes) The interior structure is completed.

The Cedar Shake Shed complete.jpg (88443 bytes)

The restoration of the
Cedar Shake Shed
is complete.

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