Inside the Cedar Creek Grist Mill

To the right are Huge spinning pulleys and belts overhead which are used in such annual spectacles such as the Apple Cider Event at the end of October.

Spinning just above the main floor to the left, you can watch this primary belt driving the Buhr Mill below.
The flour pouring from this machine is using only "Mother Natures Water Power" to grind items such as flour as seen to the right.

To the left, one of the Volunteers of the Cedar Creek Grist Mill reaches into the hopper to give an edible memento for the visitor to take home.


How much water does it take to power the Grist Mill?
To run the generator and the Buhr Mill requires 47 gallons per second!
That's 2829 gallons per minute and 170,000 gallons per hour.
That's a bit over 11 tons of water per minute.